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How to Deal with Bullies

School is a time of great excitement and fun that creates unforgettable memories. Sometimes, however, this wonderful time can turn into a nightmare for some. This is because they are bullied at school. Bullying is not an uncommon problem. In some cases, bullying can have serious consequences for the bullied child. Bullying, whether verbal, or physical, is something that must be addressed and confronted.

Although the school’s management and teachers are doing everything they can to prevent bullying from happening, we believe it is important to teach the children how to handle bullying. We feel it is vital for you to be able to understand how to respond to bullying.

Why is Bullying happening?

Bullies are usually co-students who abuse others in verbal, physical and emotional ways, especially those who seem weaker. Bullies may sometimes target other children for their own pleasure or purposely target them by hitting, kicking or teasing them. Bullies may have many reasons, but they want to be popular and authoritative. They also want control over others. To assert their authority or establish their status, they either choose to be provocative or passive victims. Bullying can be devastating for the bullied child or victim. They feel hurt, sadness and embarrassment.

Bullying is often caused by a lack empathy and assertiveness. It is a serious problem, but it is not the end. It is possible to resolve the problem with support and behavioral change.

How to Handle Bullying

What would you do if you were bullied at school? How can you deal with bullying? Do you need to defend yourself and fight back? Do you ignore the situation and just walk away? It might not be easy to give a general answer. 

There are many factors that can influence the outcome, such as the age of the victim, severity of the situation and bullying type. There is no single solution that will work for everyone. One approach may work well in one situation, but not in another. Students need to be able to assess their situation and seek advice from adults in order to decide the best course of action.

Our advice is to either prevent or respond appropriately to bullying. Here are some tips to help you cope with it.

Don’t take it personally:

Students must first understand that the bullying bullies don’t really make any of the accusations, criticisms or allegations they make against them. These accusations are only projections of the bully’s weaknesses and failings. You all need to accept the fact that these accusations are not about you. This will allow you not to become angry and stop taking any criticism or accusation personally.

Do NOT fight back:

It may seem that fighting back and standing up to oneself is the best approach. However, it is not. Bullying is something that you cannot fight back against and defend yourself from. Bullying is an intentional act to harm or embarrass you. Whatever you do, it will only make the situation worse and not end it. You could also make the situation worse by defending bullies. This can lead to more violence. It is better to ignore bullies and to tell adults (parents, teachers, senior students) about the situation.

Give a neutral comment:

Never engage in or respond provocatively to verbal bullying. Maintain eye contact with your partner and try not to make rude remarks. It is best to make a neutral comment that doesn’t hurt or elicit any negative emotions. You can say something like, “it’s your opinion, and not mine,” or “if you feel so, it’s okay.” You are showing courage and a clear message to bullies that you aren’t being affected and it is better to end it.

Get help:

Do not hesitate to seek out adult help. Talk to a school counselor, principal or teacher about your situation. These are the people to contact immediately to discuss the situation and to take the necessary steps to prevent further problems. You can bring the matter to their attention immediately. They will be able to handle it professionally and prevent the situation from getting worse.

What is a frenemy?

For pity, open bullies are not the only threat in school. Another one is frenemy. A frenemy presents himself as a friend.

And chances are that you also call them a friend. But in truth, they are jealous and envious of you. The Frenemies envy you when you win and are secretly happy when you lose.

Frenemies are so common, unluckily, that most people have at least one. This list will help you recognize signs that a frenemy is coming.

  1. They are jealous of your accomplishments
  2. They will try to harm you in subtly disguised ways
  3. They speak behind your back
  4. They don’t like status updates from you.
  5. They are not able to give any advice and ask many questions.
  6. Passive-aggression is what they use to sabotage your business.
  7. They speak with nice words and incongruent body language


School can be a wonderful time filled with excitement, fun, and unforgettable memories. Unfortunately, bullying can sometimes make it feel like a nightmare. But remember, you are not alone, and there is hope.

Although bullying can have serious consequences for the bullied child, it is important to know that it is possible to resolve the problem. Teachers and school management are doing their best to prevent bullying, and you can take steps to handle it yourself.

First, understand that the bullying is not about you. The bully is projecting their own weaknesses and failings onto you. Don’t take their accusations personally. Instead, be courageous and respond appropriately. Give a neutral comment or seek help from adults you trust, such as parents, teachers, or counselors.

Remember, you have the power to prevent or respond to bullying. And if you are dealing with a frenemy, recognize the signs and focus on building positive relationships with people who support and uplift you. The frenemy may be bullying you because they are struggling at home or at school. If they need help with their schoolwork or writing, you can offer to help or suggest essay or dissertation writers for hire that can help edit their papers and help with other improvements. School can be an amazing experience filled with opportunities for growth and self-discovery. Don’t let bullies or frenemies dim your light. You are strong, resilient, and capable of creating a positive and fulfilling life for yourself.

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