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Female & Celebrity-Owned Makeup Brands to Shop at Next

Many of our favorite female influencers and musicians have launched their beauty brands, including Kylie Jenner and Halsey. With the help of social media, these brands have found groundbreaking success that has left a trailblaze of trends.

Here are three of the best female celebrity-owned beauty brands I have personally tested out that I guarantee are worth it to try:


Fenty Beauty

1. First up is Grammy-winning singer, Rihanna’s brand Fenty Beauty, which has received significant praise for its wide range of foundation shades with more than forty shades, and its creation of the popular Fenty lip gloss.

My favorite products are the lip glosses, which have very long-lasting formulas – with just one swipe of the gloss, you can expect a plump and luscious finish which lasts for more than six hours. The shades are unique too, from the “ice bomb” to a “creamy fruit snackz.”

Most significantly, Fenty Beauty has received immense laud for honing in on traditionally hard-to-match tones, which is breaking barriers and transforming the beauty industry. In fact, the brand has also expanded into a skincare brand called Fenty Skin, which one should definitely check out too. 


Rare Beauty

2. Launched in late 2020, Selena Gomez’s brand Rare Beauty has also garnered popularity for its goal to break down beauty standards that are unrealistic. Commercially, the message of the brand has gotten through to the world – that makeup helps us enhance our features, not change them completely.

A personal favorite is a liquid blush, where one single drop can give us a pop of vibrant color that appears extremely natural. Many claim that one bottle can even last for a year! The blush is a hot item that has rapidly disappeared off shelves, so be sure to rush to the closest Sephora to get yours soon.

Essentially, Rare Beauty truly sets itself apart from other brands with its focus on mental health, breathable formulas, and aesthetic packaging. 


REM Beauty

3. Last but not least, REM Beauty by Ariana Grande tops our list. Initially, I was hesitant to try REM products since it was relatively new in the market, however, the holistic vision of the brand does not go unnoticed. REM, which is a reference to one of her songs and the term “rapid eye movement”, aims to deliver a dreamy etherealness.

All the products are space-themed and sci-fi related, such as the miniature circular metallic six-shade eyeshadow palettes that comes in silver packaging. The futuristic concept has been conveyed extremely well, and one will never get tired of using them. 


Sometimes the beauty industry strengthens our insecurities with unrealistic beauty standards manifested in today’s media. However, these brands offer a curated selection of makeup that has changed the way we shop for makeup and empower the businesswoman inside of us. 



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