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How To Celebrate Galentine’s Day

How to Celebrate Galentine's Day

“How to celebrate Galentines”:


Don’t have a Valentine? Don’t worry about it! You don’t need to have one to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Ever heard of Galentine’s Day? It is a super fun way to celebrate with your friends and still make the day something exciting to look forward to. Here are some easy ways to celebrate Galentines so you can be sure to find one that peaks your interest:

1. Host a sleepover/party:

You can never go wrong with having a sleepover or party. You could even mix them and have a party, and then people can spend the night. The party could include games, you could make dinner or order pizza, do nails. There are so many fun options of what to do, whether it’s activities or whether it’s food on Pinterest. Of course a movie is always a great idea too. You could watch a cheesy rom-com to celebrate the day. Some great classics include “10 Things I hate about you”, and “13 Going on 30”.  

2. Do a charcuterie board night:

If you haven’t seen this trend on TikTok, you should look it up. It is such a unique spin on having people bring their own food for a get together or a party! Everyone can bring their own charcuterie board with different foods on it. This can be anything from a chicken nugget board, candy board, to a pizza board. And the great thing about it is, you can put as little or as much effort into it as you want.

3. Make a “date” night:

This might work better if it is just you and one friend, however you could really do this with as many people as you want, it just might get a bit tricky. But basically the idea is that you plan a date night and ask the other person (or people) on a date with you. It is a fun way to make someone feel special on Valentine’s Day, and you can go as simple or full out with this as you want to. You could have a picnic, go out to a fancy restaurant, go get dessert, etc.. Whatever is something that you and the other person will enjoy. It doesn’t even have to be surrounded by food; this can be a movie night or something like bowling even.

4. Host a tea party:

This might sound abnormal and weird even, but this could be something nice and different than what you would normally do with your friends. You could set a theme such as Alice in Wonderland, all dress up, and make food surrounding the theme. This also provides a great opportunity for pictures, which is always a nice bonus. And the good thing about this option is you can do this wherever, and you can find lots of inspiration on Pinterest for hosting a tea party.

5. Plan a photoshoot:

Who doesn’t love an excuse to get dressed up and take pictures with your besties? Put on some cute outfits, try a new hairstyle, do a sparkly makeup look. There are endless ideas for backdrops, poses, outfits, etc. online. Pick some that you like and have a fun time. You could put on some music and get some props, and just make it into a whole event. Bonus points if you also make some TikToks!


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