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Galentine’s Day: How & Why to Celebrate

galentine's Day

Goodbye Valentines, Hello Galentines!

“Galentine’s Day” has become an increasingly popular unofficial holiday the day before Valentine’s Day.

Many women appreciate a day of celebrating with their female friends before the day of romance. It is quite a relief from the social pressure to have fancy, overrated plans. Simply type the word “Galentine’s” into the search bar on Pinterest and the results are sure to be flooded with ideas on ways to make the holiday extra special.

But where did Galentine’s Day come from?

Parks and Recreation fans can answer that question! The holiday was first introduced in the season two “Galentine’s Day” epsiode of Parks and Recreation. The lively, passionate protagonist, Leslie Knope, hosts a “Galentine’s Day” brunch for her friends. It is to be recognized as the day of “ladies celebrating ladies”.

So how should you celebrate Galentine’s Day?

That is completely up to you. Make it what you want it to be! Keep it true to the episode by hosting a brunch with your girl friends and coworkers.Consider buying fun gifts like these message candles for your female friends! However, feel free to stray from tradition. Try inviting your female relatives over for a game night. If your female BFFs love a party, throw one! 

In fact, if you would like to include friends who are not female, throw a “Palentine’s Day” celebration. This could be in substitution or addition to a Galentine’s Day party. Although there would be much less of a focus on girl power, celebrating platonic love is just as important! Platonic love is often overshadowed by romantic, merchandise-selling love of Valentine’s Day. Palentine’s Day is still very much in the spirit of Galentine’s Day. 

Last year, I invited some of my girl friends over for dinner and hung up homemade red paper hearts on the walls for decoration. Afterwards, we watched the Parks and Recreation Galentine’s Day episode while eating ice cream. We really had a blast and I highly recommend getting together to spend some quality time with your friends at some point during February.

Who knows? Perhaps you will end up agreeing with Leslie Knope that Galentine’s Day is “only the best day of the year”!


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  • Liana Mozee

    This is great! Definitely will celebrate Galentines Day!!

    February 2, 2020 at 11:29 pm
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