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Eco-Friendly Fashion – Help the Environment, shop thrifty!


Great Wardrobes that don’t Harm the Environment! 

While fashion trends come and go, one trend that we guarantee will be staying for a while is eco-friendliness. Even though shopping can be a fun activity, the clothing industry also happens to be one of the top contributors to damaging the environment. Since we all need to help the Earth as much as possible right now, here are some ways that you can have an amazing yet eco-friendly wardrobe.

 Most consumers are unaware of their closets’ impact on the environment.

It’s difficult to know how our wardrobe is contributing to our carbon footprint.Did you know that fast fashion emits 1.2 billion tons of CO2 each year? Try thrifting! If you’re curious about your own shopping and clothing care practices, look towards taking a fashion footprint calculator quiz. This will easily tell you the direct impact your shopping habits are having with the environment. One of the easiest ways you can achieve a smaller carbon footprint is by going the thrifting route. Whether you want to accomplish this by going to your local salvation army or shopping on online thrift stores, buying second hand is the perfect way for you to find a new wardrobe and give clothes a second life! 

Make Your Own Clothes

Do you fancy yourself a DIY-er? Or are you currently taking home economics and absolutely loving it? If so, take the opportunity to make or moderate your own clothes! Have a top that could use some florals? Take a stab at embroidery and stitch on your own florals. If you have a pair of pants that could use a little spicing up, sew lace at the bottom or make your own rips! This can make for a great hobby and also will allow you to create a whole new wardrobe for next to nothing!  

Take a Minimalist Approach

With spring cleaning coming up, one of the perfect ways you should approach your closet is to create a capsule wardrobe to help you evaluate your essentials versus clothes that are just taking up space within your closet. If you find a top that you haven’t worn in over a year, add it to the to-go pile. Have a skirt that’s too small? Give it to someone else. Not only will creating a capsule wardrobe be a huge timesaver for your mornings but it will also help you save money in the long run. Once you’ve collected items you no longer need, donate to your local salvation army or give them to your friends/family. Donating and buying used clothing helps diminish the problem of excess waste within the world. 

Have a Clothing Swap Party

Who doesn’t love to find new clothes for basically free? Next time you have a night available, think of hosting a clothing swap party! This is a great reason to get together with all your gal pals. Additionally, it’s a perfect way to get rid of the clothes you no longer want while finding the cute clothes you’ve always admired! 

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