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Better Yourself by Loving Yourself – Be Your Own Valentine

Better Yourself

Lacking a bae this Valentine’s Day?

Instead of eating chocolates by yourself, use these strategies on loving yourself!

Count your Blessings!

For me, it is easiest to do this the second I wake up. Right when I open my eyes and as I am about to start my day, I count 10 things that I am grateful for in order to have a positive, kind, and grateful mindset and heart all day.

Keep a Journal

By keeping a journal, one is able to collect their thoughts and gain a sense of peace throughout the day.

Unplug from your Phone

Phones and technology have been a monumental transformation of our everyday life nowadays. So, every once in a while I enjoy logging off social media and reading a book, going on a walk, or doing something by myself that lets me clear my mind.


While thinking by your lonesome, consider your goals. Whether it be for the day, the week, the year, or the century, creating goals gives one a sense of organization and motivation. Get out there and be successful!

Impact Others

Maybe a goal for you will be to impact others in a positive way. By impacting others, it encourages you to continue to be better everyday, therefore taking care of your mental health and strengthening your positive mindset!

By utilizing these 5 new habits, your days will feel more successful, more efficient, and definately more enjoyable.

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