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Covid, School, and How to Keep Yourself Afloat

COVID, School, and How to Keep Yourself Afloat

COVID was one of the many things we did not expect for 2020, and it does not seem to be going away anytime soon. Schools recently started for most of us and high school probably just got ten times more complicated. Whether you are going virtual, blended, or five days a week we all have one thing in common, how different this year has been and will be for us. Seniors aren’t having the senior year they dreamed of, Sophomores and Juniors are having their hardest years shaken up, and freshmen aren’t getting the first year of school they always wanted. Times like this can make a person feel isolated, even with school going on. This article is here to give you tips on how to cope with COVID during school and keep yourself afloat during this time.

Keep In Touch With Friends

One thing you can do is keep in touch with your friends. Whether you are a social butterfly or someone who likes to keep to themselves, socialization is important to most humans. You can do this by texting your friends every week to check in, calling them, or even having a social distancing picnic outside with a few of your close friends. There are many things you can do to keep yourself connected to your friends during this time and sometimes what you need is to just check on your friend and remind yourself that you are loved and supported.

Plan Ahead

Another thing I recommend is staying on top of your schoolwork. I know this is easier said than done, but getting it done in small increments when you can help everything around you and guarantee that you can take breaks, which are important. Keeping a schedule can help with that if you are unsure where to start. Keeping a schedule can show you everything you have to do and help you plan for the weeks ahead. Planning can calm a bit of your stress and lay out everything in front of you. 

Take Breaks

Something else you can do to help your mental health right now is to take plenty of breaks. Your break can look like anything from baking a snack to taking a walk. Taking a break can lead to less panic and more of a sense of calm. During your break, you can also stay in touch with your friends. Taking a break is important considering all of the uncertainties right now. 

New Projects

Take on a new project. Whether that be redoing your room, or just learning how to make the perfect pizza, projects can keep a person occupied and excited for the new step in the project. Some ideas are trying to make jewelry, trying to become TikTok famous, learning how to make all the foods from Avatar the Last Airbender, or trying out new meal plans(non-GMO, vegan, vegetarian, etc). A new project can be anything you set your heart to and interests you. They can also be the thing that keeps you afloat during this time.

Hoping This Helps

Staying afloat during this scary time can be hard. Right now is confusing to all of us, and school may not be helping the situation. I hope these tips can help you feel a bit better during this time.

Things You Can Do During COVID

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