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Choose Your Own Adventure: Self Care Saturday

Use the following template to plan your perfect Saturday evening of self-care!

What am I wearing?

____ Pajamas

____ My favorite outfit

____ Something fancy (just because)

____ Trying out a new style

What am I doing?

____ Creating

____ Relaxing

____ Connecting

____ Exploring

If you chose…try!

Writing a poem
Making a collage
Baking (my favorite!)
Writing out post-Covid plans

Taking a hot shower or bath
Watching a favorite film (or maybe a marathon…)
Making time for skin and hair care
Getting comfy with a book!

Call or FaceTime a friend
Writing someone a letter
Printing out old pictures
Having a socially-distanced hangout

Taking a hike
Driving around listening to your favorite playlist
Going for a bike ride

What will I make sure I get out of this?

____ Time alone with myself

____ A sense of fulfillment

____ Time away from electronics

____ A strengthened relationship

____ Other:

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