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    Sunscreen for Outdoor Athletes

    *Summer may be over, but UV rays are still harsh! Believe it or not, you can still burn even in the colder months


    We all know the importance of sunscreen. Yet, some people still don’t know what sunscreen to buy. According to Dr. Lauren Hughey from Renew Dermatology,“Zinc containing sunscreens are the best because they block the most UVA rays compared to other sunscreens and UVA is the ray that causes most of the sun damage and skin cancers. Zinc is a physical not a chemical blocker so it literally reflects the UVA off your skin to protect your cells.”

    Sunscreen for Outdoor Athletes

    Therefore, if you’re an athlete, on top of spending a lot of time outdoors in the sun, Dr. Hughey recommends looking at the EltaMD Sport line because it will not sweat off. I also highly recommend this brand because I am always out on the golf course and my sunscreen never comes off and I never get sunburned!

    And click the link to check out Girl Spring contributor Lauren Lindsey’s article on running as a form of self care! If you plan on running a lot this fall, this sunscreen will protect you from long days of harsh rays!