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All the Other Stuff to Bring to Your First Day of School

All The Other Stuff to Bring On Your First Day of School

You already know all the school supplies you’ll need to bring with you on your first day of school…shoot, you’ve probably stood in line at Target long enough this month to know that. Here’s a back-to-school checklist for all the other stuff you’ll need to make this school year great.

  • A full stomach. Eating breakfast before school will keep you from feeling sluggish and help you do better in class.
  • Your favorite outfit (whether it’s brand-new or an old favorite). You want to feel comfy and confident on your first day back.
  • Some good anecdotes about your summer. Everyone will be asking, so you’d might as well come prepared.
  • A new haircut. You’ll feel extra-polished and hold your head a little higher.
  • Your locker combination. Written down, on a piece of paper. Just in case you forget it. (Even the sharpest tools in the shed have been known to draw a blank from time to time.)
  • Comfy shoes. Skip the heels or anything that hasn’t been broken in yet. Stylin’ shoes aren’t worth the blisters you might get.
  • Gum or mints. Your breath will probably be just fine, but you don’t want to get caught thinking it stinks after lunch. Plus, offering some to the kid next to you is a good icebreaker.
  • A piece of fruit, or another small, healthy snack, in case you’re dying of hunger in the afternoon. Knowing you’ve got it might also keep you from gorging on a sugary dessert at lunch.
  • A fun picture to hang in your locker. Personalizing your space will make you feel more at home and give you something to smile about each time you drop off your books.
  • Some deodorant. You might get nervous about your first day, and nervous people sometimes sweat. And hey, better safe than sorry.
  • An open mind. A new school year means a fresh start. Don’t be afraid to be friendly to people you used to ignore, or join a new club on a whim. It’s your school year – make the most of it.

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