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A Guide to Romanticizing Your Life

The term, “romanticizing your life” has become quite the trend over the past year or so. And while I find some trends superfluous and a little silly, this is one I can get behind.

Romanticizing your life comes down to finding special moments in everyday that bring you joy and peace. In short, it helps you appreciate the little things.

Here are a few small ways you can sprinkle a little magic into your day-to-day life.

1. Spend time at a coffee shop

Personally speaking, one of the top sources of stress in my life is homework, so I don’t think it’s a stretch of my imagination to assume that the same is true for most teens. All that stress and time spent holed up in my room behind a computer screen definitely de-romanticizes my life, so I find that a simple change of scenery while studying can help make the experience a little more pleasant.

I love to bring my homework to a local coffee shop; not only do I get to sip on a delicious latte while solving math problems, but I also find that I am able to focus more on my work when I’m in a public setting. The same is true when I bring my work to my local library. Also, you don’t have to do homework while spending time at a coffee shop, you can also read a book or spend time chatting with a friend.

2. Put on a cute outfit

I don’t know about you, but when I don’t have plans for the day, I tend to throw on whatever I have on hand (which is usually a sweatshirt). However, I’ve been having a lot of fun lately putting a little bit more effort into my outfits.

This allows me to be creative with my clothing choices and also gives me that confidence boost that you only get from a cute outfit. Regardless of whether you have plans or not, I encourage you to spend a little extra time in the morning picking out something that makes you feel like your best self!

3. Pick up a good book from your local library

As I previously mentioned, romanticizing your life is all about adding in a little magic to your day wherever you can. I, along with most readers, find that delving into a good book is a great way to find magic in someone else’s life. Through reading, you are able to travel to a different place and time, which widens your worldview and transforms your perspective on your own life.

4. Spruce up your self-care routine

Every day we spend time showering and caring for ourselves, so why not take a couple of small steps to make the experience so much more enjoyable and refreshing? You could buy a cheap shower speaker off of Amazon to incorporate some of your favorite tunes into your shower routine, or you could pick up the viral Tree Hut sugar scrub to give your skin a little extra pampering.

I found that even just adding a simple face lotion to my night routine made my formerly-mundane self-care rituals into something that I now look forward to. Plus, I always feel good afterwards knowing that I am taking steps to care for my body.

5. Create a cozy sleeping space

A trend that I’ve noticed popping up on TikTok lately is crafting an extremely comfortable bedroom to elevate your relaxation experience. Whether it be purchasing a sunset lamp, adding a couple of fluffy blankets to your bed, or even getting a projector to watch your favorite movie on, investing in your personal space will make you look forward to your resting time. These, among other personal bedroom items are all essential for your mental health!

6. Make time for a hobby

I am one of those people that likes to keep my hands busy by putting together a puzzle, working on a coloring book, or doing something crafty. My favorite hobby for the past year or so has been crocheting -I love the methodical nature of it and that it always produces something that I can use. I’ll admit that I haven’t been the best at making time for my hobbies as of late, but it’s something I hope to do more of in the future so that I can find little moments of joy in my day by expressing my creative side.

As I’m sure you can tell, there are lots of little ways you can go about romanticizing your life, and there are plenty more that I didn’t name in this article. All in all, it really only boils down to finding ways to add some additional enjoyment to the mundane tasks that fill our lives. We can’t avoid those tasks, but we can make them a more exciting experience.


I hope you will incorporate one or two of these habits into your daily life this week to incorporate a little more life into your life. Take some time to invest in yourself—you deserve it!

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