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    Book Review: Gabi a Girl In Pieces

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    Gabi, a Girl In Pieces: A Book Review

         Too Fat. Too Dumb. Not Loved. Have you ever labeled yourself or others like that? In the book Gabi, A Girl in Pieces by Isabel Quintero, Gabi Hernandez uses these labels for herself. She is struggling emotionally and physically in her last year of high school: one of her best friends is struggling with the realization that he is gay, another friend is pregnant, her dad is struggling with a meth addiction, and her mother is also pregnant. She can’t take it all in. She says, “ I wish I could come home and unknow and unsee things,” but she can’t (Quintero 38). Instead, Quintero shows her readers that though you can’t change another person, you can change little things in your own life. You can exercise, read more, spend a certain amount of time with your family a day, spend more time outdoors, the list goes on. Gabi may have not been able to stop her father’s addiction, but she can pray and hope for the best.

    This book reminded me that there is always a little love and hope in the worst of times.  In the new year, think of ways that you can change or grow as an individual. Don’t spend the new year chasing things you know will never happen and can’t change. Chase the things that will change you, and you hope will change the world.

    If you like these kinds of books, look for more social justice books at your local library or bookstore.

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