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No Phone Zone – How to Enjoy a Cell Phone Free Holiday

No Phone Zone

This year, try a no cell phone zone rule. The holidays are a special time for friends and family – don’t let your cell phone have all the attention!

As we are well underway this holiday season, and the time for new year resolutions is upon us – maybe it’s time to think about putting your cell phone down, or at least in the no phone zone. I can say just as much as anyone else, I enjoy my time on Tik Tok, Instagram, and Snapchat. However, have you ever just wasted two hours on Tik Tok without noticing? I have.

Although I enjoy spending time with my family during the holidays, my phone is always a distraction. I only get to see my entire family a couple of times a year and since all the kids are growing up and getting phones, it’s becoming more difficult to be the cool cousin!

No worries though – I came up with a few ideas for myself on how to enforce a no-phone zone, and I am going to share them with you!

Set a Timer

If you find it difficult to spend an extended period of time not checking your phone or getting on social media, then go on that fancy clock app and set a timer! You can start small with maybe 20 minutes and then slowly increase and maybe get to a few hours. My personal best is 4 hours!

Give your Phone to a Trusted Adult/Friend

Your parents know as well as you that sometimes you can not be trusted to put the phone away and get engaged in family festivities. Giving your phone to a friend or adult will reduce the temptation to look at your phone or check your Snap. Who cares what everyone else is doing? All that matters is what you’re doing!

Put Your Phone in a Different Room

I personally hate to get up and go get something from another room, like I will do just about anything to not move. Putting my phone in a different room takes away my temptation to look at it because I know that I would have to put in more work to get to it. So if you know that you and your family will be spending time together in the kitchen, just leave it in your room. 

Turn Off the Ringer

If you don’t know you have a notification you will feel less intrigued to look at your phone. I would recommend turning off your ringer and vibration, we all know you can hear it vibrate. This one is a family favorite because no one’s phone will go off at the dinner table when someone is trying to tell a story. 

Remember: Your Phone will be where it was Left

The most important thing to keep in mind is that some of the most important people are right around you. When you return from the no-phone zone, your cell phone will still be there. Tik Tok will still be Tik Tok after everyone has gone to bed. 

Our phones are important to us. I find it hard to put down sometimes too, but nothing feels better than spending a full day with my friends and family. Being in the same room doesn’t count. I mean being fully engaged with your friends and family. The little moments are what truly matters the most, and phones tend to just get in the way of those. Don’t be afraid to try the no phone zone rule – others might just start to join you. 

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  • chlo.mer

    These are great ideas for those who feel like spending more quality time with their families during the break! Thanks Sophia

    December 28, 2019 at 11:50 pm
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