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Find Joy Within Simplicity

Find joy in any situation!

Too often we hype up big plans or vacations and try desperately to make them the highlights of our months and years. So many small moments pass us by when our attention is distracted from the present. Make time to find joy where it is least expected!

Happy moments are all around us all of the time, but when we lose sight of them, we begin discrediting those closest to us. 

I first realized this during a trip to Nashville with my boyfriend in celebration of our first anniversary. We very much looked forward to all the memories we would make along our perfectly planned adventure. Don’t get me wrong we had a lot of fun and did a lot of cool things, but we fought on and off all day. Our arguments arose from the dumbest stuff, and I began feeling foolish over not being able to enjoy this special time.

When we arrived home, things were immediately back to normal. Without thinking, I said “I am having more fun now than in Nashville.” It was true! I then realized that these were the moments for worth living – spending time in our pajamas and making a PB&J.

Undocumented moments with a purpose other than social gain.

Important moments like this are the ones I want to keep close. Not only the big moments but the small, living room moments as well. Be sure to find peace in enjoying the people in your life. The small adventures, like the trip to get ice cream with the windows rolled down listening to your favorite Judah and the Lion song. Those moments make your relationships what they are. It makes them special. So find joy in those things, write them down, and give them the credit they deserve.

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  • Liana Mozee

    I love this. definitely rethought some things, and overall was a great article!

    January 4, 2020 at 12:05 am
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