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Writing Moods, Feelings, and Memories

Writing is such a wonderful way to vent your feelings. Portraying yourself as the heroic main character who’s super smart, attractive, kind, or funny feels amazing and the best part is that there’s some beauty in it. The story comes together and for you there’s some meaning. Between the good friends you have, you’ll notice traits of people who are meaningful in your life, and in the antagonist side, you’ll see where some faults in you life rub off.

In the end it’s my favorite way to cope and a healthy one at that.

The “Health” Benefits

If you’re still reading this, you’re probably a writer and know that overall, writing is pretty stress-relieving, but.. writing out your moods and feelings? It’s the best way writers can cope in my opinion. Not only that, but several university studies say it helps with traumatic stressors in people.


If you’re interested in journaling, continue here to see how you can journal effectively.

Zoe Middleton

Hi, I'm Zoe. I'm a pintrest-shopper-to be influencer girl. I love writing, reading, poetry, that sorta jam. You can find me in a mall, at the ice skating rink or ski hill, in a tree, or in a plane { I LOVE TRAVELING!!!!!!!!!!!!}. As you can see my life is crazy but thats the fun part! Did I forget to metion my little angel? Oop! My little angel Bambi takes up the little space I have left in life, she's kinda my model too {I sew clothes, mainly hats, for pets}. If I could say one last thing, I hope my writing empowers other people with the courage to reach for the stars and beyond. Lots of Love, Zoe

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