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Whispers of A Rose

Whispers of a Rose

Whispers of A Rose

In gardens where the roses bloom,
Beneath the sun, beneath the moon,
Their petals whisper tales of yore,
Of love and loss, of lore and more.

With hues that capture every eye,
In reds and pinks, they paint the sky,
And in their beauty, do confess,
The depth of nature’s loveliness.

Each thorn that guards their tender grace,
Speaks of the struggles they embrace,
Yet standing strong against the strife,
They bloom, a testament to life.

The fragrance of the rose does tell,
A story of a magic spell,
That soothes the soul and mends the heart,
A healing balm, a sacred art.

In every rose, there lies a dream,
Of peaceful mornings, by a stream,
Where love and beauty never cease,
And all at once, are at peace.

So let us cherish every rose,
For in its beauty, love bestows,
A reminder in its gentle pose,
Of life’s sweet gifts, the rose bestows.


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Alabama School of Fine Arts graduate of 2025 Math/Science Department

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