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Introducing TheWizardLiz

introducing thewizardliz

Introducing TheWizardLiz

There are thousands of YouTubers each with their own curated content, but I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite creators! The name of the channel is The Wizard Liz, and is run by Lize Dzjabrailova, whose page is dedicated to motivating and empowering young women.

Who is TheWizardLiz?

She promotes self confidence and character development, building a supportive and positive community. Personally, I came across her content from a clip on social media and was captivated by her motivational and uplifting talks! I love how she incorporates humor into her videos, while still delivering an important message for the viewer to take away. TheWizardLiz has several videos, usually consisting of 10 to 30 minute casual pep talks with her talking to the camera.

One video that I recommend watching is titled, “Confidence baby”. I always try to find creators who motivate and uplift me whether I’m at a low or high point, and I have found her channel incredibly inspiring. I highly suggest you to check out at least one of her videos, and I promise that you won’t regret it!


Check out Thewizardliz’s channel here!

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