Untitled by Zoe Jacks

Artist’s Statement:

With photography, one can express emotions that are hard to portray with words. I wanted to capture a feeling that I feel is rather hard to explain. It is a part of what I feel when I get a sense of nostalgia mixed with what I feel when reading an enticingly eerie and mildly disturbing book. Seeing glamorously old and daintily decrepit items and filling myself with the music of memory brings me back to very simple feeling of being in my grandmother’s back garden, or looking amongst her various old pieces of her life. The teddy bear is that core being of an old childhood that the girl, is still clinging to. Thinking back on it, this can be rather eerie, as seeing an object that was of particular use long before my life could be of such nostalgic importance to me. The idea of making it look like an old photo was partially inspired by the photographs in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. They bring out that core speck of that feeling I cannot quite explain that I love so much to photograph- creepy and decrepit, yet young and nostalgic all the same.

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