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That Fall Feel

pumpkin spice latte

The leaves are falling, Starbucks has the Pumpkin Spiece Lattes, and the air has a feel of nostalgia. I have to say the fall time is one of my favorite times of year simply because of the nostalgia that surrounds the comforting air. But this year’s fall looks a little different. My family usually makes one large trip during this time of year, whether it be to Key West or Kentucky; however, because of COVID-19, we’re unable to go very far. So, to replace that, let’s look at a few things we can do to get the same feeling (from home this year).

Watch some movies

I’m not particularly well-versed in fall-themed movies, but I do think jumping into comfort is greatly necessary for both our mental well-being and to maintain a sense of normalcy. Here’re a few I found that are sure-fire ways to get into the fall-feel: Dead Poets Society, When Harry Met Sally, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Good Will Hunting, and Rudy.

Light a candle

I absolutely love the smell of pumpkin spice and cinnamon; it’s the little things that bring the greatest comfort! Imagine sitting by the warmth of the candle and watching a movie with the lights turned down.

Make Fall-Themed Treats

With the festivities of Winter right around the corner, why not warm-up our cookie-making skills right now? We can make pumpkin spice lattes, leaf-shaped cookies, or vibrantly decorated cakes. No matter what it is, we’re guaranteed to be put in the fall mood, and not to mention the serotonin boost we get.

Even though this year’s looking a little different, it’s still very important to keep our mental health as our first priority! So, don’t get sad because of all the events we’ve had to cancel; instead, let’s be happy because everything still available to us. And, with the joyous holiday breaks coming up, we can power through this time with some more warmth. Remember, stay strong and cozy!

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Srija Vem

Srija Vem is a senior in high school. She enjoys reading, writing, coding, eating baby carrots (with ranch, of course), and watching The Office or Friends 🙂

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