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Best Candle Scents for Fall

Fall candles

Best Fall Candles


You know the feeling: when you get shivers after opening the door and feeling a cool breeze wash over you. The leaves start to turn, the day ends earlier, and everyone puts out their pumpkins to celebrate the arrival of fall. Us basic girls go to Starbucks and Target to taste the pumpkin-spice flavored delicacies, and the not-so-basic girls still throw on a cute cardigan to accommodate the weather. 

Trust me you do not want to go for a candle that gives out smoke when it burns. This is why going for the best woodwick candles can help you with a far cleaner and smoke-free experience. The highlight feature of this candle is that when it burns, the wick, which is wooden in nature, pops and cracks. This really elevates the experience, especially if you are spending time with your loved one!

Though autumn is usually associated with the changing of the seasons, I’m sure most girls recognize the importance of fall-themed candles! Especially with the pandemic going on, many of us can’t be sticking our noses into candles in Bath and Body Works and spreading our germs, so candle-hunting looks a little different this year. Don’t fear! I’ve got you covered. Here are my top four favorite fall-themed candle scents!


Candy Apple


Candy apples are rarely given out anymore during Trick-or-Treating. However, many are still made for small parties and gatherings to celebrate Halloween. Candy apple candles truly capture the earliest moments of fall, made of the sweet caramel outside contrasting with the tart apple inside. I always completely burn through my candy apple candle by the end of fall, since it leaves such a pleasant aroma!


Pumpkin Chai


You’ve heard of Chai tea and Chai lattes, and you’ve heard of pumpkin spice lattes. This candle is all of the great things about both of those scents rolled into one! The rich spice of the chai clears out any bad odor in your room while also leaving a pumpkin after-scent. I usually burn this candle when I am in need of a long, hot bath. This is because it leaves the air around me simmering with the essence of fall. It’s also a unique candle scent, and no one else will have it!




Another unique candle scent! You’ve probably smelled a few forest-scented candles before, but nothing compares to this one! Sandalwood is a crisp, woodsy-scented candle that transports you into a forest in the middle of fall. It reminds me of the leaves falling off of the trees as the season progresses and a small cozy cabin in the middle. I’ve also learned that this candle’s scent stretches across a huge open room. So, if you want to make your whole house smell crisp with nature, you can definitely do that!


Pomegranate and Spruce


This is absolutely an odd combination, but it works in a candle! The pomegranate gives off a very tart, fruity smell, while the spruce counterbalances it with muted spice. I associate pomegranates with Thanksgiving, and this is the perfect candle to burn while giving thanks for all of the blessings you have encountered this year (if you celebrate it). 


That is all of the candles I have for today! I hope that these candles can help you wind down on a fall night. I hope it makes your house smell nice when you want to get in the fall spirit!


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