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    The Skincare That Changed My Life

    Since I am approaching my twenties, I decided maybe it was time to ditch the facial cleanser I get off the cheapest rack in Walmart and start taking care of my skin. I’ve never really had acne, just bad breakouts whenever I PMS. I had no idea what kind of skincare routine I should start, given that there are so many different brands to choose from. I have really sensitive skin, so I started to focus on products with natural ingredients.

    What skincare did you try?

    I was browsing the aisles in Ulta looking for things I didn’t need and I came across a starter kit skincare routine. It was The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Skin Care Set; it came with a toner, facial wash, and a mattifying lotion. Since it was made with all-natural ingredients, I decided to try it out. That purchase was the greatest gift I could’ve given to my skin. Not only did starting a skincare routine better my life and make me feel like I have my life together, but my face was so clear. My usual PMS breakouts weren’t showing during their designated time of the month and my skin felt so clean. I’ve tried so many face washes and nothing has never balanced my complexion and cleared up my skin as this did.

    Is it that good?

    It is such a good skincare product that I ran out of the kit and bought all the full-size bottles of the skincare routine and every product that goes with it. If you’re ready to start a skincare routine, start with this stuff because it’s amazing. Ditch the Walmart face wash and treat your face nicely.

    Hopefully, all my efforts to take care of my face will pay off in the future. Here’s to being on top of our lives and taking care of our skin!

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