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    Ideas for Graduation Gifts 


    With graduation season just around the corner, it’s important to get prepared for celebrating others! Several of my friends have hosted what are called “grad parties,” ranging from brunches, simple get-togethers, to bracelet-making parties. As a way of giving thanks, here are some graduation gifts I suggest: 


    1. Dorm Decorations
      • Plushies, posters, fairy lights, and anything that will make a girl’s dorm vibrant is a perfect gift! Ask the host what their favorite animal or movie is, and search your local store or online websites such as to find a match. 
    2. Gift Cards
      • After completing high school, many of my friends will be independent after leaving their household for college. Any gift cards, whether that be for restaurants, supermarkets, or grocery stores will be helpful for a freshman! 
    3. College Merch
      • Representing your college is something several of us enjoy, but finding merch can be difficult! If you’re able to find any keychains or clothing items that will help your friend personify their university, it would likely be appreciated.
    4. A Sentimental Item
      • The hardest part of going to college is leaving your friends and family for a longer period of time. Think of something creative to help the graduate remind themself of their hometown. Look for old pictures and frame them nicely, or create a scrapbook for them! 
    5. A Day’s Activity
      • Lastly, rather than giving your friend a particular item as a grad gift, you could instead promise to take them to an activity such as lunch or pottery painting. Time is something priceless, and spending it with the person you love is an amazing present! 


    I hope each of these suggestions help you in your search for the perfect graduation gift. And remember to enjoy the party and celebrate!