Choosing Your Graduation Dress – A How-To Guide


Choosing Your Graduation Dress

A How-To Guide

Graduation season is quickly approaching. By now, you are probably anxious to begin searching for the perfect graduation dress. Rather than dropping by the mall and impulsively buying the first cute dress you see, take time to make a practical decision. There are many considerations to ponder before discovering the dress that is perfect for you and the occasion.

The first thing to consider is the style of the dress. Obviously, you want to stick with the latest trends, but there are some trends that are not suited for a graduation ceremony. It is best to choose a conservative dress. By conservative, I mean a dress that is appropriate – not flashy. If you feel restricted by this, keep in mind that this is a formal ceremony and celebration for YOU. Why not look your best?

However, it is important to choose something comfortable.

It is likely that you will be sitting for at least an hour. Most schools require the use of a graduation gown. These gowns are thick, so keep in mind that you will be wearing an additional layer. Cotton is a great material to consider since it is lightweight and breathable.

Remember that graduation requires walking across a stage. Therefore, it is smart to choose a dress that does not restrict movement. Disregard Body Conditioning dresses. Instead, go for a simple style that will encourage natural movement.

Dress code should also be kept in mind. One might think that it is quite peculiar for a school to enact a graduation dress code when the gown entirely covers the outfit, but it’s actually necessary. Before making a final decision, have an understanding of your school’s graduation dress code.

Although these tips are simple and straightforward, they are helpful. In many cases, practical advice is the best advice. Overall, choose a dress that is comfortable and best suited for the occasion.

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