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Switching Back To In-person School + Tips For Easier Adjustments!


A quick, three day break in 7th grade became an entire year and a half of online school. Going back to in-person high school has impacted all of us dramatically. From experiencing both online and in-person school, I’ve noticed some major differences. For example, the way I work, study, and live, totally depends on the atmosphere.  Here are some of the changes I’ve made, along with tips on how to adapt as you switch. 

Morning/afternoon routine

No one likes getting up in the mornings. Waking up and going directly to my computer for virtual school was not an easy task for me. I woke up at around 9:00 for virtual school everyday, now I have to wake up at around 6:00 everyday. This was a huge change for me. I had to learn how to go to sleep earlier, to be able to wake up earlier, get ready in the mornings, and have the motivation to go to school.

I also had to try to make room for homework in the afternoons. Have a morning routine set in stone. Make a checklist of things you do every morning and you stick with it. For example, I have problem with organization at times. Checking through my bag every morning to make sure I remembered everything, is crucial for me in the mornings. 

Better workspace

Online school means online assignments. All I needed was a computer to do my work, so I didn’t really have a set workspace. I did move around a bit. But then, when I switched to in-person school and started getting my paper worksheets, I realized that I needed a proper and organized workspace, to organize everything and do my work efficiently. A tip I have here, is to have an organized and set workspace, to have everything handy, to do your work better.

Time management

Going back to in-person school means going back to your extracurriculars. I’m in marching band, and we have our practice in the mornings, for which I have to wake up at around 6:00 am, which is a HUGE change for me! I also have some other extracurricular activities some days of the week. So now I have to try to make room for my homework and those other activities, something that I didn’t have to struggle with before.  A tip I have is to have a simple schedule planner. It doesn’t have to be super complex, just is a way for you to know beforehand what you can and can’t do. 

Wearing masks and being safe

While masks aren’t mandated at my school, I didn’t do a year of virtual school for nothing! I’ve had to get used to wearing a mask eight hours a day, while practicing proper precautions such as washing my hands more than my usual, and not touching my face unintentionally to keep the germs away. It was definitely hard for me in the beginning, but eventually I got used to it, and it became my second nature. A tip I have is to know what’s safe and what is not safe for you, and always do what you believe is best, no matter what someone else says or does.


I’ve had to make plenty of changes to adapt to in-person high school. It has been a big change in my daily life, and it’s been really worth it. I hope these tips are helpful. Have a great school year!

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