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Summer Notepad Spreads

Summer is finally approaching! Though fun times are to come, the break is also a time to get things done. I see summer as the time to fit anything I can into a day (exercise, ACT Prep, summer math, reading, cleaning, etc). However, it can be hard to stay motivated. There is no one or nothing holding you accountable for your productivity. Writing a to-do list on paper is a great solution…until you run into another problem. Plain, boring, white pages aren’t very uplifting or inspirational. So, solution two! Make your own to-do list page that is exciting to you. If you like fairies and getting things done, you’re in for something great!

Making your notepad

Below, is a notes sheet I made, that is catered to what motivates me to use it this summer. Perhaps it will be a great help to others, as well. You can print the image out and write in the boxes, or download and insert the image into a document, insert a text box on the white boxes, and type away.

Not only is this idea very useful, but it is a great activity and allows for creativity. You could even make your friends one based on what they like.

If you would like to create your own, here’s how!

  1. Open a Google Slide Presentation.
  2. Set a background
  3. Insert a Table
  4. Find images you would like
  5. Use a Background Remover (many on Google) on the images
  6. Insert them, and see what you come up with!

For more summer motivation ideas, read From Motivation to Mindset: Shift your Mindset from Summer to School

Images were used from the websites below:

Background Image:


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