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Staying on the Right Path During the New School Year

Girl on a path

Going back to school can be extremely stressful and hard on teenage girls. One thing that is most important when school starts is following the right crowd.

As teenagers we are exposed to many different things and it’s hard to stay on the right path, but we always have to remember to stay true to ourselves.

Finding good friends that will hold you accountable and keep you on the right path even when things get really hard. Friends that allow you to stay true to yourself and never make you feel less than are extremely important when navigating through high school. There may be situations where you have to say no or you have to make a different decision than what everyone else is doing to stay true to yourself.

It’s very important to understand that it’s okay to be different and sometimes you have to make those decisions.

At first saying no may feel lonely and like you have messed up.

Being a leader can be lonely sometimes but rewarding in the end. It’s hard but it’s worth it.

Good friends boost your serotonin and will make school much easier for you. Especially when the academic part of school gets tough and you know that you have a friend to call. Good friends that value similar things as you will make your new school year easier and one to remember. 

For some tips on how to respond to peer pressure, read this article.

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    I think all of these things are really important and very true.

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