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How To Stay Active Even When It’s Freezing Outside.

What can I do if I’m stuck in the house?

During the winter months it’s hard to stay busy sometimes. Being stuck in the house can be boring. But this winter my family’s motto has been “boring people get bored.” So here are some fun activities you can do to stay un-boring.

Make artwork.

Get out a piece of paper and a pencil, and find a still object you find interesting. First, start by drawing a faint line horizontally across the middle of the paper. Then do the same with a vertical line. You do this so you can make sure your drawing is centered, and the right scale. Once you’ve done this, just start drawing your object. Put on some music and relax while you draw! When you’re finished with your drawing, you can color it in or just leave it!

Go on a short walk.

Even when it’s cold, I think going on a little walk is a great activity! I like to put on some warm clothes, maybe some headphones, and walk with my dog for 10-15 minutes. Even though its short, just walking around and getting outside for a little bit can feel really nice! I also encourage meeting a family member or friend and going on a walk!

Read a book!

Reading is so relaxing and super fun. Find a book that interests you and find a cozy spot to read. If you feel bored and want to go look at your phone, try to pick up a book instead. You can even get a friend or family member, and try to read the same book so y’all can talk about it!

Get ahead on work.

I know if you have a free day where you’re stuck inside you, just want to sleep and watch TV. But I have learned that days like this are perfect opportunities to get ahead on your school work, so you’re not super stressed out when you’re back at school. It doesn’t need to be super long, just spending an hour going back, and trying to study to get ahead on your upcoming work can make a huge difference in how prepared you feel. Even if it’s not school work, I feel like I always have little projects and things that I’m too busy to do, and doing those things on free days really helps me get ahead.

Try to spend time with friends and family.

Spend time with the people you love! Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and over committed and days where you’re stuck at your house are great opportunities to relax. Spend time with your family! It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, but being with the people you love makes everything better. Also, hang out with your friends! Just being with people that make you happy makes every boring day better.

I hope y’all can use these tips in your cold winter days! Stay warm, Happy New Year!


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