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She is from Alabama

She is From Alabama

I am from Alabama

I cook stir fry most of the time

I shop on 280 because that’s the

wealthiest place in the area

we learned how to cook from

Southern Living

for Thanksgiving we eat the food

healthy people hate (cornbread and greens) and stuff

my hair is very curly when it’s wet

most people I play the Play Station with ask if

I live on a farm or make up my weird country accent

I heard all about whites hanging people for no reason blacks are judged for listening to rap music

but I listen to pop

(Adele, Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, and Selena)

This poem is taken from the book, The Stars are Lying, a collection of poems produced by students from Putnam Middle School and Oliver Elementary School, in collaboration with Desert Island Supply Company (DISCO). For more information on this project, or to purchase the complete book,
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All sales proceeds help sustain the future of the Woodlawn Writers Corps.

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