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A girl standing alone with her head down

When I was younger I was a very carefree spirit. I didn’t really think about the future. But now that I am in my first year of high school that is all I think about.

Where am I going to go to college? What job am I going to have? Am I going to get a good grade on that test?

The list of questions goes on and on. 

And the administration isn’t much help. They tell you that you should just enjoy your high school years and have fun… then they tell you that every point you get matters and if you don’t do well then your life is screwed. So kinda sending mixed signals there!

Not to mention social pressure.

Go to the parties, go to the games, have the apps. It goes on and on. And the thing is it is draining. Having to talk to people when all you want to do is curl up in a ball and sleep. Here is a little hint for extroverts, if a person is being quiet it doesn’t always mean that they want to talk to someone. Sometimes we just like to sit by ourselves and think. 

But that isn’t usually accepted, so people try to fix you. Yay.

And I mean sometimes I do want to socialize but when I don’t I need people to understand. But when they don’t, the pressure gets added. 

Whenever I think about all of my problems I get so put down but then I remember, it could be worse. 

I could be living in a country that didn’t allow me to go to school at all. Or I could be living in a place that didn’t want to hear my opinions at all. I always forget that I should be grateful for what I have because some girls don’t have what I do. They constantly live in fear while I can use my voice and tell the world what I think. 

I say all of that to say this: whenever you get into a tailspin about everything in your life just remember that there are people out there who would do anything to be in your shoes. 

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