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Poem: My Hearth and I

A hearth

‘Near the ashen-bruised fireside to where I reside
A song of howling wind pursues outside

While the trees are swept at last
The canvas will be whittled away
To create a blank slate
Of snow newly laid

Toes curled in socks of wool
Hands frozen yet becoming warm
Oh hearth blaze on
And the wish to the aching bones of winter chill
To ache no less
Of dried winter skin and bitterness

Perhaps there’s no one away for miles
And I should like to know that I’m alone
But in the expanse of a whitened canvas
My hearth and I remain the only two
To be known
Of sure beam we will remain
And an orange glow to an outside eye

But I find that as only white remains
The more lone the landscape touts
It’s snow slumped sadly over mounds
Green, pleading
Onward let me shine out!

To be alone in a cabin
With a hearth
But no kin or kind company
To share
I only let the wind howl on
And watch snow pillage and plough
My, Nature surely isn’t fair

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