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Poem: Shadows of Indifference

Poem: Shadows of Indifference

Shadows of Indifference by Jacqueline Wu


A night, midnight blue, one with no stars

An eye peering through the opening, clouds reflected in gaze

And blank stares, pearly white- drenched in tears


The pendulum’s swinging, completing its endless cycle

Hushed whispers ripple the surface, then back again

An unfathomable abyss and death’s glare upon us with wings of black silk shadowing


A mirror with many faces, broken shards blemishing beauty

A girl, no two. Nameless, shamelessly looking. Dreaming-

As the sweet, soul sucking vortex redeems her again


Walls encroach upon the silent dreamer as she remembers

Transparent glass walls that cuts us with its sharp frame and protects-

Unshackled but made captive, the dragon’s strength wanes from toil

As two wrongs aren’t made right with Chaos king and darkness spilling


It isn’t tempest from which I hide, or fire that chars my flesh

Nor is it chilled autumn morns, or even emotion in flashing thunder and wet torrents

Or love or hate, illusions conceived by the human mind

No, it’s indifference, rather ignorance in all its selfish forms


Colorless with grey hued skies and shapeless mist delusions to cold eyes; tasteless

Silent as despair, undiscerning as the raven veers towards temporary paradise

Poison dripping from the black tongue that blots and burns

For the fair rose with its delicate shades of pink-

Is nothing but deceit.



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