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What it’s Like to be in Band at School!

If you’re in a band at school, you have probably learned at least one of three things.

One: Never walk through an aisle with brass instruments, they empty their spit on the ground.

Two: How to not hit someone in the head with your instrument, especially with your flutes, trumpets and trombones.

Finally, three: the show must go on. No matter what happens, if your stand-buddy passes out because they were playing too enthusiastically, you keep playing. If the fire alarm goes off, you get up and walk in an orderly fashion to the nearest exit, while continuing to play. If your mom comes to pick you up early, you play until you exit the school.

There’s so many things you’ll experience with that band. Shivering while you play at a football game at 7:30, sweating as you march up and down the field in dark outfits. Nearly passing out from exhaustion when it’s over, yup all that you’ll experience and more with your new best friends – the band!

As you proudly blast the school fight song during a pep rally, you look around realizing you are a part of something amazing. The band is always the best part of the day, relaxing and laughing at the people who still can’t cut off with the rest of class, and making it through an entire piece without a single mistake! Band is a great way to relieve your stress and catch a break!

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