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Poem: Hope

Hope Poem BTS GirlSpring


BTS Poem by TayTay

A child always finds a dream to one day hold on to and reach out for.

When you find yourself in a mirror viewing what happens in your future one last time, you want to open your wings and fly.

Singing and dancing, as you still want to move with the wind, sharing the gift you have to the world step by step.

Your dreams and inspiration give off a light, a light you want to grasp.

To ignite and burn like a fire as you move quickly on your feet.

Your soul takes flight as you dance.

Your voice surging out with a melody without being summoned by breath.

Being young and safe in your youth as flowers bloom and voices come together in harmony.

A world only seen on the outside.

The flowers inside the members have bloomed beautifully to the stars, from the voices of people cheering below.

Faith, inspiration, and grace all come together, but the greatest of these is love.

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