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Poem: Island

Island Original Poem GirlSpring


by Elizabeth Montgomery

my heart is an island, born to isolate

flooded by the waves of thoughts

that my mind will always stop

an island, born with roots to grow

tie it to my bones, interlaced and let them roam

and while these rivers all lead to the same beating drum 

infested with boats that simply long to hold someone 

carrying passion straight to my mind

but my head is a place where my heart can’t survive 


the purpose of a heart 

the purpose of a bass

keep the beat going 

but mine has an unnatural pace

a song of its own, a loner in the band 

my heart is meant to set the rhythm, be the melody

but I don’t think it can


ribcage built to deflect the pain

stop the flood, be the gates

yet born within this cage

my heart grows to believe 

spreading wings and breaking free 

is a transgression undersea


my heart is a bird, drowning in its cage

born and told its wings were fins 

and left to suffocate in the waves 

delicately coated with feathers

ones which have not yet learned to adapt to the pressure 

of being 10 feet under

the waves created by my heart’s wonder 


I am trapped in a brain that was not built for moving on

one stuck on everything I’ve done wrong

helplessly the waves of my heart try to quench its flames

hopelessly attempting to tame

but there is no logic in this world

one where my heart is in an island and a bird 

a world where my heart is boundlessly cursed 

in the end my heart will always get burnt 


limitlessly limited my heart remains

an endless number of life lines all leading away

these itinerant saviors come back empty 

explorers bound to me

perish as they reach my mind

victims of what they find 


my heart does not choose to be this way

it plays the beat it was born to play

my heart does not choose to isolate 

it was simply born on the wrong side of the gate


My heart is drowning, in burning waves

My heart is a bird, told to love the cage

My heart is a solo, cursed to break away

My heart is an island, born to isolate

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