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Poem: A Message to my Obstacles

As a girl, I know I get criticized, downgraded, and viewed as incompetent.

This makes me feel weak and lowers my self-esteem, 

but you know what?


I am capable of challenges that are in front of me,

I am resilient,

I am beautiful, 

I am lovable,

and I am important. 

There is only one me, so there is no need for discussing any issues within my personality, life, or culture because I am me, ME.


Can you feel my power when I walk into the room? 

Can you see the greatness in my eyes when I walk through the door? 

I can’t fight anymore with the burdens on my back,

so needless to say, my confidence has to hatch.

At any rate, I am the best and I have no regrets about any hard work I put in.


I never said I was perfect, but I know that I am worth it. 

This is exactly why pencils have erasers.

Giving up was an option then, but not now.

Obstacles are my foe, but they will never hear me say “I don’t know.”

One day, I will look back at my challenging moments and 

whisper to myself, “I did it.” 



Whether it’s encouraging ourselves or encouragement from others, we all need a little help every now and then to boost our self-esteem. Bella Gentry put together a great, encouraging article about learning to love ourselves despite what we’ve been told or what we’ve told ourselves in the past. 

Rachel Ari

Hi, I am Rachel Ari. I am an interviewer and writer for GirlSpring that enjoys laughing and hanging with friends. I am currently a sophomore in high school that looks forward to flourishing as I continue my journey through high school as a Springboarder.

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