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    This poem is meant to serve as an inspiration to others. As women I feel as though society has put us into a position where we are inclined to fear the world around us and also fear the consequences that come with standing up for yourself


    Fear Is a Pair of Shackles

    I struggle until my will to go on hits the hard gravel

    It binds my wrists 

    I try to succumb and then BOOM fear its me with a forced kiss 


    Fear swallows you  

    It Is A Whale 

    See I knew fear better than anyone else

    I wanted courage but fear is the card i was dealt


    Fear attacked me and I regret the decision I chose

    When I was given the chance to run-

    I froze 


    Fear chased me 

    It Was A Wolf In The Night

    When I needed to win I slipped

    My heart hit every beat 

    and with every beat i felt my stomach flip


    My heart felt so alive but so faint at the same time

    Fear made it beat out of my chest

    Fear wanted to me quiz my response time

    Fear tested my strength and I failed the test


    Fear grabbed and consumed me

    It wanted to see me dead

    When I told fear I was done

    It punctured me in my lung


    I could not fathom to breathe

    When I tried to be big it was followed by a wheeze

    Fear is a demon

    When I found some light he kicked me and it burned like the sun


    See Fear Is Darkness

    He caught up to me 

    He beat me until I could not see


    See I knew fear better than anyone else

    He stalked me 

    He tricked me 

    He wore a grin

    I thought fear was my friend


    He visited in my sleep

    For he knew i was weak

    Fear wanted to put my light to an end

    It is my fault


    Fear Was a Con Artist

    Fear told me he would help me 

    When I grabbed his hand he took me and never gave me back

    Fear Was My Kidnapper


    See fear took my joy

    Fear used me as his toy

    Fear had me scared to walk

    Fear made me choke when I talked


    Fear took my dreams and balled them up

    It flicked me in my throat and had my life stuck

    Fear Was This Monstrous Being 

    See I know fear better than anyone else


    I remembered all thing things fear had done to me

    I remember that he left me feeling completely empty 

    I remember he wanted to kill me 

    I built up my will and wanted to torment him the way he tormented me 


    I kicked fear right in the head

    And when the large shadow fell I needed to know he was dead

    I did not stop at one blow and not even three 

    No I kicked him until I saw as much fear in his eyes as he had given me 


    He saw my pain as a game and he saw it as funny

    Fear treated me the way a predator treats a bunny

    But I showed fear that I could and deserved to be free

    I beat and killed fear so now fear no longer haunts me