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    Walking Down The Street

    walking down the street

    Walking down the street

    Just trying to get to the coffee shop,

    Passing by a group of men who start whistling,

    Walking a little faster

    Trying to get away from their rude comments,

    Seeking comfort from a phone call to a friend,

    “Should I have worn something different?”

    Walking through the parking lot

    Just going to buy groceries,

    Boys hanging out windows yelling suggestive remarks,

    Walking into the store

    Texting a friend about the crude boys,

    Asking how to make the situation better,

    “I shouldn’t have worn my shorts,”

    Standing at a party

    Just trying to have a good time,

    A boy whispering vulgar things in your ear,

    Walking away from the intrusive teenager

    Trying to escape from his grasp,

    Looking for a friend to talk to and offer their comfort,

    “I should have worn a longer shirt.”

    Unfortunately, most girls will get catcalled in their lives, but we don’t have to let it drag us down! If you get catcalled or have ever gotten catcalled, here is some advice on how to react.

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    The Labels of Society


    By Caroline Whitney

    The rain outside is turning into hail,
    Pounding down on the cars and making scratches and bruises appear.
    Just like labels do to people.
    Am I a nerd? I mean I care about my grades.
    Am I a jock? I do like to play sports.
    Am I too preppy? I like to always try and find the positive in everything.
    Am I a Democrat? I’m more liberal on certain things than others.
    Am I a Republican? Do I stand too tall?
    Is he a misogynistic male? Most definitely!
    But I have to pick and choose my battles,
    I need to try and let it go.
    Because there will be a time…
    When I’ll need to fight a battle that’ll be a lot worse
    Than a boy who was raised in a home and taught that women were “inferior”

    Is he racist?
    Is she a drug addict!?
    Is he gay? Yeah, so?
    I heard someone say that he thinks that guy is going in the wrong direction
    Because he gives out hugs with too much affection.
    So? I’m assuming you’re homophobic and I have to respect your view
    But just because he doesn’t like girls doesn’t make him any less of a person than me or you.

    I could go on and on and so could others,
    But the world is what we choose to make of it
    Judgments and all.
    There will always be stereotypes,
    Always be labels,
    There will always be opinions —that others have—
    That I absolutely despise.
    But I need to learn to respect them
    Because they’re still a person…
    Even with our contrasting perspectives.
    Am I this? Am I that?
    Am I good? Am I bad?
    Did she do this? Did he do that?
    I don’t know? Maybe you should just ask…
    Instead of forming an opinion of someone
    Without all the facts.
    (A person with a mind, a heart, and a soul.)
    Call me this, call me that
    But you need to have concrete facts to support your extreme beliefs
    We all have our opinions—similar and different.
    I just want respect for mine and for others.

    No matter their hair color, eye color, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, mannerisms, their likes,
    or their dislikes.
    And I’ll give you my respect in return
    Because if we don’t learn to listen to each other
    The world’s progress will become stagnant for the days to come.
    Please make your opinion of me and others
    On what we do and what we stand for.
    Not where he, she, or me grew up
    Or how he, she, or me looks
    In the end, there will still be people who create and read the labels.
    It’s up to us whether they stick
    Or change into something better.

    Labels can bring frustration and sadness,
    But they could also be seen as a challenge or a tunnel that can lead to our future success.
    Because If we can overcome the mean comments, the crude names, or derogatory terms…
    We’ll be able to feel that much more confident and accomplished….
    The labels of society—will not win.
    It’s you, me, us, and them,
    Do not let the negativity in.
    I know we’re not made of steel,
    But we should always try our best to stay positive, whether it be mentally, physically, or emotionally, and give our wounds time to heal…

    Time for us to grow.
    Let positivity prevail,
    Even when it’s raining hail.

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    Hang Gliding: A Poem

    Hang Gliding: A Poem

    Icy splashes meet your toes with every bounding leap.

    A satisfying stretch arrives with every springing step.

    The dewy grass swiftly becomes

    An unending, jagged coast

    Where the gentle sky boldly collides

    With rolling, marbled waves.

    Fleeting nerves give way

    To sweet, unbridled glee.

    For what you’ve always longed for

    Was to reach the heavens and fly.

    To be tickled by the seaspray and dance,

    twirling in the breeze.

    For what you’ve always longed for

    Was the thrill of being alive.



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    Yes, you see me more
    Yet, in actuality, my heart and mind greatly needs to be restored
    My self image ripping to shreds
    But I conceal the feeling so that it doesn’t spread
    Although it may not feel the best
    It is still better than all the rest

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    Earth’s Personalities

    Earth’s Personalities

    slowly, the dreary wintry songs fade away.
    The rose bush blooms,
    and my porch is dusted in yellow.
    mother nature dances in the air,

    green leaves grow, and the heat sets in.
    the day is longer, and the stars watch
    our impulsive late night walks.
    adventures dacne in our heads,
    making us infinate.

    softly, the leaves turn,
    and the wind blows a new scent
    that brings us back to our books.
    the leaves are dancing and singing
    with every color they know.

    the last leaf unknowing falls,
    and the sun sleeps in.
    the air has a new chill that
    nips my nose and pinches my cheeks.
    and slowly, the dreary wintry songs resume.