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You cradle me always.
I was small once and you held me there in your arms whenever I cried,
All I could understand was you.

I say I was small once, but I will
Always be humbled compared
To you.

I feel my love is limited at times,
Crinkled and stained by spite and anger and somethings that I choose not to give a name;
I choose to blame.

Yours has never been this way.
Even now, I say I am bigger and this may be true,
But you still hold me when I cannot hold myself up anymore,
Which is more often than I would care to admit.

If I was to have an ambition,
A soul fire that drove my limbs and body and eyes and very being into purpose,
My ambition would be to love as you have,
I know that it took you a lifetime.

Momma, you have shown me how.


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