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Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is fast approaching us, and that can leave some of us stumped for gift ideas. Especially if you’re in highschool or know someone who is in high school. It’s a busy time of the year and sometimes it can be hard to remember to take the time to search for gift ideas. So, to help out with that, here is a list of perfect gift ideas for your holiday wish list this year: 


Let’s be real, we live in a generation where we love to document it. So, what better gift than something you can use to document it? There are endless options out there for this one. You could do a Polaroid camera, which never goes out of style. A video camera if you or someone you know loves to make videos more than pictures. Or, the most trendy one right now is a digital camera. The best thing about these options is they are usually very affordable. You can even find them at many thrift stores for cheap. 


This might seem like an obvious one, but it’s also one you can’t go wrong with. Some trending options this year are mini uggs, platform converse, and Nike air forces (as always). There are so many different color variations for all the listed above. Especially the converse. You can even customize a pair to have your name on them, a certain design, etc. 

Room decor

Highschool is a typical time in which people want to give their room a bit of a makeover. But this can add up very quickly. So, by getting some of it as gifts it can help you to create your (or someone else’s) dream room. This could be things such as comforters, throw pillows, neon signs, galaxy lights, etc. Pinterest always has some really great ideas for room decoration inspiration.


A vast majority of teen girls love anything to do with skincare or makeup. Especially during the holiday season, it’s easy to find gifts in this category. You can find so many different kinds of kits filled with different brands such as Drunk Elephant, Elf, etc. Something else really good about this is the price range. If you are on a tighter budget you can find some really affordable options that are still just as great. On the other hand, you can also fund some more expensive variations with maybe more items or bigger sizes. You can find these gift sets anywhere such as Ulta beauty, Sephora, online, or even in some local drugstores. 


This is a very broad gift idea, which makes it even easier to find the perfect gift for whoever you are searching for. If you know someone who loves record players, you could get them one. Or, if they already have one you can get some new records to add to their collection. There are also some really cute gift ideas on pinterest for making a custom CD for someone, or really cute music decor. This is a really great customizable gift option, as everyone has a different music taste.

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