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Is It OK To Dress Up Pets?

Is it OK to dress up pets

Is there anything cuter than a furry friend in a little costume? The world of Instagram pets thinks not.

But is dressing up our pets in cute costumes ok?

The Bottom Line

Every pet is different. And while some animals may not mind getting dolled up in a pumpkin costume for Halloween, or in pair of PJs that match the whole family at Christmas, others cannot stand it. Knowing whether your pet is okay is the most important thing.

But, unless you have a magic pet, your furry friend cannot openly say “hey, actually I hate when you make me wear costumes.” So, it is down to you as a pet parent to identify the signs that they are uncomfortable.

Signs Your Pet is Not Okay With Dress Up

Some pets absolutely love getting all the attention and playing dress up, while others will feel scared and uncomfortable. Here are some tell-tale signs that dressing up your pet is not okay.

They keep trying to take it off

Obviously, the easiest way to tell if your pet is not enjoying their costume, is if they are visibly trying to get it off. Batting, scratching and wriggling are all attempts to get out of the costume so if you see any of this, take it off for them and give them a little stroke to apologize.

They are struggling to move

If you see your pet limping or struggling to move like they normally would, it probably means they are uncomfortable. The costume is either too small or too restrictive for them to feel okay in it.

They are showing signs of anxiety

While your pet might have accepted their new costume, there are subtler signs that they are anxious or stressed about it. Repeatedly yawning can be a tell-tale sign, as can their ears being pricked back. Some cats and dogs may even pant or widen their eyes to try tell you how they are feeling.

It feels wrong

As a general rule of thumb, if you are not sure your pet is enjoying their costume, it is probably best to assume they aren’t. It is always better to make sure your furry friend is as comfortable as possible. If that means they will not match for the family Christmas photo then so be it. They will be just as happy to be around the festivities, free from costume.

When removing the costume, be sure to give them lots of snuggles afterwards so that they know they can relax!

If your pet does not enjoy dress up, there are plenty of drama queen animals online to help you get your fix. If you find your pet’s anxiety does not seem to disappear after you have tried to put them in a costume, it is worth checking in with a vet like Kelly Crossing Animal Hospital, to make sure there are no underlying issues that have been triggered.

So, when asking is it okay to dress up your pets, the answer really depends on your pet. As a pet parent, you need to make sure you are able to identify their signs of discomfort before trying anything new.

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