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A Brief and Incomplete List of the Best Ice Cream in Birmingham

Best Ice Cream in Birmingham

Birmingham has a great selection of food and deserts, which includes a wide variety of ice cream. So, in honor of the weather warming up, here is a partial list of the ice cream places in Birmingham and what I think about them.

Big Spoon Creamery (Homewood):

Big Spoon serves “grown-up” ice cream. Their menu changes constantly, and they have more complex and delicate flavors than most places. My personal favorite of their flavors is the tiramisu, which is easily the best ice cream I have ever had. 9/10

Edgewood Creamery:

Located just across the street from the BigSpoon in Homewood, this is an iconic mom and pop shop that everyone has come to know and love. Like Mountain Brook Creamery, they sell all of the traditional childhood flavors, and they also offer snowcones and freshly made waffle cones. 8/10

Mountain Brook Creamery:

Peppermint flash is a must here. Here, they have all of the iconic traditional flavors, and they taste pretty good too. Can’t complain about this one. 8/10

Bluff Park Ice Cream Shoppe:

Whimsical. Inspired. In a word: delightful. They have a ton of flavors that are not super rich, but are still bold and creamy. The inside of the store is super cute, and they have color changing spoons. They also make a killer milkshake. 9.5/10


This one is on par with Big Spoon. Their ice cream is very rich and sweet, and they give you a good amount for your money. They have a changing menu, but a few classics always stay in season. They also make bomb cookies. 8/10

The Marble Slab Creamery:

This store is unique amongst the others in this list because you choose a base and add whatever toppings you would like to it. They mix it on a cold stone (which is why it’s called the marble slab). The flavors aren’t super interesting in my opinion though. 6/10

Bruster’s (Caldwell Mill):

A classic. Easy to get on the go with a decent selection of flavors and a drive thru if you are in a particularly busy hurry. 6/10


Doodle’s is not exactly ice cream. They serve “ices”, so everything they have is kind of like a creamy snow cone. It’s pretty good, but it’s not my favorite. It’s a great place to go if you like something lighter, because they have a great selection of sherbet. 7/10

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