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How You Can Help Girls And Women Around The World Today

How You Can Help Girls and Women Around The World

As a young woman with a bright future ahead of her, you are probably looking for ways to uplift other women too. Women are stronger when we uphold each other, and often, it can feel like patriarchal values involve tearing down those strong bonds we build with one another.

One thing many young feminists want to achieve is women’s equality around the world. Every country has its own problems with misogyny and women’s inequality, but for some women and girls, life can be extremely difficult.

What are some of the biggest issues women face?

In developing countries, it is unfortunately the case that many young girls – as many as 76 million – are illiterate. This is due to lack of opportunities to receive education due to poverty and beliefs that keep girls in the home. 

In addition, sexual and domestic violence figures are startling all around the world. Women deserve better than what they have in this world. As women with a certain amount of privilege, we can help, even in small ways.

How you can help women and girls around the world

How can you help women and girls around the world? Here are three ways to get started.

       1. Donate to, or volunteer with, a women’s charity

Donating your time or money to a women’s charity or girls education charity is a fantastic way to help women. Many women use charity services, such as domestic violence charities, to help change their circumstances. Without funding, these charity services can help fewer women. 

       2. Read books and articles by women outside your home country.

One way of educating yourself about women’s issues outside your home country is by reading literature based around the subject. Reading or listening to the lived experiences of women, such as Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche’s TED Talk, ‘We Should All Be Feminists’, will broaden your understanding of the female experience.

By de-centering your own understanding of women’s issues and expanding your knowledge of women’s issues internationally, you will be better equipped to tackle the hard questions about how we can improve our situation as women. 

      3. Check up on the ethics of your favourite clothing brands. 

This might seem like an odd statement to put in this list, but in fact, it is one of the most crucial ways you can help women and girls.

Most garment workers in countries like Bangladesh and China, where a large percentage of fast fashion brands’ clothing is made, are women. These workers are often underpaid, and work in conditions that are both dangerous and inhumane.

If you truly want to help women and girls around the world, it’s time to look into the ethics of your favourite high street clothing brands, and make better choices when you can. It isn’t always possible to shop ethically, but even small amendments to your usual purchases will make a difference.

Overall, helping women and girls is a lifelong journey for all people. We live in an unjust world, but we can all make an effort and improve women’s rights if we work together!

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