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Sad Songs by Underrated Artists You Need to Hear

Sad Songs by Underrated Artists You Need to Listen to

I am no music aficionado, and I admit that honestly and humbly. That being said, I will happily take credit for discovering the following artists. The three artists listed below have written powerful songs to listen to when you are down in the dumps.


Maybel is currently one of my favorite bands. To call their music simple would be inaccurate, but to call it busy or energetic would not be exactly right. The music they produce is not electronic, but is instrumentally and vocally based. The singers play with harmony and simple tunes to create really lively and sometimes jarring pieces. The lyrics are thoughtful as well. My two favorite songs – “Two Left Feet, Alright” and “The Secret” – are from their album, Gathering.


Music produced by Quinnie, a young solo artist, varies stylistically from those of Maybel. Quinnie’s style is more traditionally alternative, as opposed to the almost folk-like quality of Maybel. She writes incredible sad songs, with moving lyrics and melodies that stick with you. Her voice is definitely the star of each song. Her album Goldstar is full of great music, but my favorite songs are “Goldstar” and “Swallowing Stones.”

The Staves:

I am aware that at this point my music taste is painfully obvious, but here is another band that has some amazing acoustic and harmonic sad songs. I have not explored this group as much as the other two, but their song “Jolene” is awesome. The simple guitar pairs beautifully with the comforting harmonies of the three women that make up this group.

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