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How to Stay Motivated: Back to School In a Pandemic

How to stay Motivated During This School Year 

By: Azalea McRae


In the midst of this pandemic, school has changed a lot for everyone. Especially since we ended the past school year early, many of us have been without a strict routine for months! To get back to the new normal, a girl needs to be motivated and confident in her own skills. Between COVID-19 news, relationships, studying, extracurricular activities, and knowing the latest Tik Tok trends, here are multiple ways to balance them all and stay positive! 

1 Calendar/ Planner: 

Each day is a brand new day. To stay organized with everything that’s happening, map out your days! Make sure to always check your schedule for planning something new. Time management is key. Ask yourself, what is my top priority for today? Due dates for school, soccer practices, cello lessons, dance performance; they all fit in here! 


Whether this is a stack of sticky notes you revamped with motivation, or an app to give you daily inspiration: keep your head up! Everyone can use a reminder of their strength, beauty, and intelligence. Place these sticky notes on your mirrors, your walls, or the refrigerator! For an extra boost, find a cute new quote art for your phone lock-screen. 

3 Goals: 

Goals can be to motivate you, or even to help out others. Set a new goal for yourself every day or week. It can be something small like to finish an assignment or to have a conversation with someone you’ve never met. As you gain more confidence and find extra time, you can set bigger goals for your future and for your own success. 

4 Healthy Habits: 

To keep your energy up, you have to create habits to be kind to your body! Make sure you’re sleeping 8+ hours when you can. Sleep will help you feel refreshed for each day. Fuel your body with nutritious food, especially for breakfast! Don’t deny yourself of your craving food, but allow your body to intake healing food for energy and protein too! Everything is a balance. Although we may even be online for school, allow yourself to stay active! Whether this be through a sport or just a daily walk outside, you can do it! 

5 30-Minute-Rule: 

No matter how busy you are, allow yourself at LEAST 30 minutes every day to do something you love. This can be anything! Paint, write a poem, dance to a new song, learn about a new topic, read news, or even pick a social media platform to scroll through. Giving your mind time to unwind is just as important as all the things you have to accomplish. You will feel refreshed and have more motivation to complete your tasks after a break. 


I hope these things are helpful to you throughout the new school year. There are many resources to help you find quotes, planners, even a workout. Find your favorite things to spend your time on during the day and work for them. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Take a breather and keep going, you can do this! 

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