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How to Decide on a College

How To Decide on A College

One of the most important decisions in a person’s life is choosing which college they will attend.  This is assuming they do attend college. Picking a college that is the best fit for you is important. The college you select sets the stage for your future and career. There are so many aspects and factors to take into account when choosing a college. This could include cost, scholarships, major programs, sports, or whatever else might be a factor. Since there are thousands of colleges in the United States, choosing a college that best fits you and your aspirations can be a difficult task. Even though this decision seems very overwhelming, there are things that you can do to make your college decision journey less daunting. Here are some tips that might help you narrow down a college that will best suit you.

1. Take tours.

One thing that I regret is not going on any college visits and tours when I had the chance. I wish I had taken tours instead of just risking that Auburn would be exactly how I thought. Luckily, I have loved Auburn, even though it is very different than what I initially expected it to be. Taking tours and going on college visits will help you get the feel of the environment and vibe of a college.

2. Take into account the strengths and weaknesses of the educational aspect of a college.

I started off freshman year as a pre-vet major. One of the major reasons why I chose Auburn in the first place was because they have one of the best veterinary medicine schools in the country. However, I changed my major the third week of school to pre-nursing. Luckily, before I chose Auburn, I made sure that they had good quality educational opportunities all around in every aspect. I never thought that I would change my major, but so many college students told me that I would most likely change my major at least once. I wanted to make sure that I could change my major and still feel like Auburn was my top school education wise.

3. Make sure you choose a college based on what you want, not just where all of your friends are going.

Even though it is sad leaving some of your high school friends and going your separate ways, you should still pick a college that best suits you and your individual situation. Everybody has different things that are important to them while picking a college. Even if you go to a different college than some of your friends, you will still be able to keep in touch with them and maybe even visit your friends that are far away. The important thing is that college will bring you closer to a future that will make you happy, so keep this in mind while picking a college.

Overall, choosing a college can be overwhelming, but if you take on the challenge with high hopes and your aspirations for the future in mind, I think that you will find a college that will suit you perfectly.

Helena McComiskey

I am Helena McComiskey and I am a sophomore at Auburn University majoring in Pre-Nursing. I am a first-time GirlSpring intern. I enjoy spending time outdoors, hanging out with my friends, and traveling.

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