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How to Create the Perfect Temporary Hairstyle and Steal Your Prom


Prom is one of the most important events in a young person’s life. It happens as they finish high school and it is symbolic of the end of this stage of their life. In many cases, it is the last time a class will be together and represents the crossing into adulthood, as well as potentially the working world.

In short, you’re going to want to look your best for the night and that starts with your hair. Studies already show that if your hair looks good you will have increased confidence. But, prom is more than just a chance to have perfect hair. It’s also the time to make a statement, telling everyone who you are and who you are going to be! Don’t forget, it’s the last time you’re going to see many of these people; it’s okay to go a little wild.

Keep the Base Simple

Despite the opportunity to really change your hair, you won’t be happy if it all goes wrong. That means it is best to stick to simple styles that you have already tried and tested. You’ll just want to tweak them a little. 

Start by grabbing your favorite ghd product and straightening your hair, or adding a wave if you prefer. Don’t forget that heat protection spray is essential before you do this, just as using high-quality haircare products is vital.

You can opt for a loose bun and pull wisps out according to your own needs, this will frame your face perfectly.

Alternatively, a loose curl piled on your head will work. You can also go for a long and straight style, but be sure to spend a little time thinking about your bangs because these can frame your face perfectly. Long curtain bangs soften rectangular faces while shorter curtain bangs are great for oval and round faces.

Add Color

The real secret to creating a perfect temporary hairstyle is to use some color; it’s a good idea to practice beforehand. You will want to use the color that washes out straight away, allowing you to create a stylish look but still look professional for the upcoming interviews.

When using temporary color solutions, test them on a little piece of your hair first and then add them in streaks. You don’t want to change the color of all your hair.

Add Sparkles

There are several options to help your hair sparkle. You can use a glitter spray that literally sprays glitter on your hair and stays there like a hairspray. Alternatively, you can try glitter chalk or a shimmering conditioner. 

Again, experiment before the day to find your perfect blend.

Pulling it Together

By themselves, the style, color, and sparkles will look great. But, to ensure you stand out as the belle of the ball, you’ll want to make sure the style and color choices match your dress and the theme of the prom. This will ensure all eyes are on you for all the right reasons.


If you want you prom experience to be different than any of your friends, check out these unique prom tips.

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