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half lives

half lives

half lives


i think about it often

the half of my life

the half of my life i will live without my parents

i may be a mother then but i won’t have one

no mom to call just to see what she did that day

no dad to tease me, watch shows with


i often forget that my parents had a life before me

that this is their first time living

but it’s the second half of their life

a half they are now beginning without their own parents


it devastates me

to think that i wasn’t there for half their life

and they won’t be their for half of mine



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Mahika Natarajan

Hi my name is Mahika! I'm a junior and I enjoy writing and reading a lot. I've been learning Indian classical dance for 10 years now and also play the tabla, an Indian percussion instrument. I love coffee, rainy days and playing with my dog.

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