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Poem: Sisterly Serenade

For Amaira 

Endless questions, she hurls my way,

In mimicry, she loves to play.

She claims to have a personality of her own,

Yet echoes of mine in her actions are sown.


She clings on, a living comedy show,

Boldly seizing my lip gloss, aiming to glow.

A rainbow unicorn shirt, knotted up high,

A crop top illusion, oh my, oh my!


With a sigh and a grin, my annoyance is small,

She’s so short yet, her stubbornness stands tall.

Third wheeling me and my friends, in her playful spin,

An attempt to fit in, my heart lets her win.


Borrowing without asking, another constant trend, 

To her, boundaries often bend. 

She parades around, in stolen attire,

With a gleam in her eye, a mischievous fire.


Annoyance and love, a delicate line tread,

Yet my dearest companion, no words unsaid.

Through highs and lows, our connection withstands,

A lifelong journey, hand in hand.

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