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Garden of Youth

As someone who is at a stage of maturation and holds an intense curiosity, I have always been questioning the relationships I have in my everyday life. I have been raised in an environment where emphasis is put on relationships with family and kin, in a small community where high standards are typical. I have always been frustrated and unsure of myself, thinking that I should not be questioning my relationships and should be silent for routine’s sake. But after exploring the world and expressing myself, I am now able to finally embrace myself for who I am and reach out to the world with its beauty, while also staying true and honest to myself.

This piece tells a story of a time in spring where a struggle between selfishness and selflessness, silence and expression, and of frustration and freedom took place. The piece asks a question to the viewer on what they are willing to do to keep their identity and what the viewer is willing to do in their struggle of the self and others. The piece tells a story where if one is to truly love others and themselves, they must be willing to express themselves with no hesitation even if they must fight for it.

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