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Freshman Experience

The transition from high school to my first year in college has been very smooth. Due to a beneficial high school experience, I feel as though I was adequately prepared for my freshman year at UAB. The university is great and I would recommend it to any student considering staying in-state in order to save money. The University of Alabama in Birmingham not only has good resources, but it is a great place to begin, or continue, a journey toward higher education. The campus is safe, and all the buildings are close to one another, making it easy to get from class to class. The teachers make themselves available at various times and they also respond to emails as soon as they can.

OneStop is one of the most popular places on campus located in the new Hill Student Center. OneStop handles quick questions, and even longer, detailed ones if necessary. From Admissions, to Student Life, to Financial Statuses, Degree-Earning Programs, etc. Appointments are made, everything operates on walk-ins. This may seem chaotic, but the employees at OneStop work quickly and effectively for each student and situations are usually settled under 5 minutes. OneStop has probably been my most visited place other than the library and my classes. UAB was not my first choice when it came to colleges, but I’m glad I’m now enrolled.

The main difference I’ve encountered between high school and my college experience so far is my amount of free time. My workload has actually lessened from High School, since I only take four classes instead of seven a semester like I did in high school. I take core classes along with a major class, Psychology 101. I took 3 different behavioral science classes in high school, and saving my notes from those classes is definitely benefiting me now. Teachers in high school moved through lectures rather quickly, but college professors definitely move faster, as expected, making it more difficult to get down all the important information. It is important to take notes, read sections in the textbook, and also re-read slideshows that may be posted online. The key to success in college is to stay focused; and if you’re the kind of person who likes to go out and have fun, you must learn how to balance the two and realize that education is a priority over pleasure.

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  • Kristen

    Great article! As a graduate of UAB, I appreciate your honesty. I went to UAB as it was financially the most feasible for me, but I had a wonderful experience and it turned out to be the best college for me. I still stay in touch with many of my professors and support UAB as much as I can. We should be proud to have such a dynamic institution here in Birmingham.

    January 15, 2017 at 4:58 pm
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